RM Connector

RM Connector is a two-way middleware broker between Micro Focus Content Manager and organisational Business Applications, allowing records created in the application to be automatically captured into Content Manager, as well as presenting RM Workspace portlet to access that information in Content Manager from the line of business system.


RM Connector bridges the gap between transactional business systems and the EDRMS, organisations can embed sound recordkeeping practices in all systems and/or services. Once in place, this provides automated recordkeeping at key stages of the decision-making processes for specific business transactions.

Technically, RM Connector reduces the risk, cost and maintenance effort in integrating business applications to HP RM. Using this middleware solution, the applications become ‘loosely coupled’ where they can be easily upgraded without major re-integration costs. Additional applications can also be easily added over time, thus avoiding further integration costs.

RM Connector is in use at Auckland City Council (SAP), NSW Corrective Services (Syscon OIMS integration), Australian Wool Innovations (SAP & Salesforce integration), Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (CA Clarity and Microsoft Dynamics integrations), and Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (Salesforce). NSW Corrective Services has had the solution in for over five years and has upgraded TRIM and the line-of-business system three times with little or no effort in porting the integration across to the new version.

This provides a cost-effective standard for integrations of systems that is maintainable and sustainable i.e. it reduces the cost and effort required to maintain the integration. The integrations are fast to implement through easy-to-install software. The actual integration is a very easy process if the line-of-business application is a Web Based application, and the solution can also be integrated to non-web based applications with slightly more integration effort.


RM Connector allows clients to capture, manage and present Content Manager records into line-of-business systems. This provides a sophisticated and seamless integration between line-of-business systems and a Content Manager EDRMS. Via RM Connector, RM Workspace portlets, including actions associated with the records displayed in the portlet, can be exposed into the line-of-business system.

Below is what the portlet looks like in Salesforce, for example. The RM Workspace portlet allows access to relevant records for the user experience in that integration point, so that the user does not need to navigate away from the line-of-business systems interface. The user can even undertake Content Manager actions from the portlet.

This allows for a consistent and functional records capture and access user interface between line-of-business systems and the general EDRMS end user interface.