Features and Benefits

Multi-award winning* collaborative digital workspace underpinned by the Micro Focus Content Manager compliance and governance platform. Users get on with the job while records management ‘just happens’.

Are your users fighting the use of Content Manager?

Federal Department of Finance says this is normal for most EDRMS, and most organisations are getting poor EDRMS return on investment; the key reason being difficulty searching and finding information, and inadequate usability. What if you could address this quickly and easily? Our client, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, installed RM Workspace for all 5000 users and grew their dataset from 5Tb to 10Tb in only 10 months! The CIO said that the solution provided a positive user experience and ease of use, all the while underpinned by records compliance.

“Without a great web interface for end-users we don't believe that we would have been able to transition staff to the EDRMS world.”

Do your users have trouble keeping up with the rate that your enterprise is forming and disbanding teams for new projects and programs?

What if you could facilitate fast and effective digital collaboration, without compromising records compliance and information governance principles? RM Workspace provides this with a user friendly, intuitive and accessible (WCAG 2.0 Level AA) collaborative workspace that allows staff to quickly and effectively discover, access and share enterprise information resources. Staff can create, use, and then disband team spaces quickly and easily, all while transparently capturing and managing records.

Join a strong proven user base

RM Workspace has been extremely well accepted in the market since being released in 2014 with over 10,000 seats of the solution in use. In 2016 it occupied around 8% of the EDRMS market in the Federal Government space, and has been used to increase the take-up and adoption of Content Manager in a wide customer base beyond that. Customers include Special Broadcasting Service, Department of Agriculture, Catholic Education Office, Safework Australia, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Australian Public Service Commission, Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, ACT Government, National Blood Authority. Non-government clients include St Vincent de Paul and the RSL.

  • Australian Department of Agriculture
  • Australian Public Service Commission
  • Australian Department of Infrastructure
  • Catholic Education
  • National Blood Authority
  • Safe Work Australia
  • ACT Government
  • Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Assurance

Keeping it simple, easy, functional and satisfying

RM Workspace provides a proven user experience that increases EDRMS user adoption, decreases training and support costs, and increases productivity though access and collaboration. It is underpinned by the Content Manager records management compliance engine that applies the rules of evidence setup by the organisation. The functionality is unique because it is built using user centric principles resulting in high user adoption, while hiding away the complexities of compliance from the users at the same time.

RM Workspace meets WCAG 2.0 level AA accessibility compliance, and is a user friendly, intuitive and accessible workspace that is easy to use and fast to learn. The design is the result of a user experience (UX) design process, providing multiple discovery and navigation methods, as well as effective, satisfying and useful functionality. It provides direct access to documents that the users are allowed access to according to security rules in TRIM.

This value-added solution can be used as a general user interface for EDRMS, as well as a web ‘portal’ interface. It is also a web interface that is accessible from any browser, and thus is compliant and complementary to your Intranet, SharePoint or mobile strategies.

“iCognition's road map and innovation for the future provides for a positive user experience and ease of use while underpinned by records management compliance”

Graham Gathercole, CIO, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Benefits of RM Workspace

High value for money collaborative workspace and HP RM interface

Fast and easy deployment model – hours, not months!

Easily capture and discover information

Keep information found via tagging and personalisation

Records transparently captured and managed

Fast effective sharing, workflow and collaboration

Users create, use and remove group collaboration spaces on demand, without compromising records compliance

Cloud-ready network friendly web solution that is accessible on any device

Complies with accessibility standard WCAG 2.0 AA

Expand your solution!

You can add the following solutions to complement your RM Workspace implementation, or to operate independently:

RM Public View

A solution for extended search and view access beyond internal Content Manager users, e.g. access by non-administrative staff, public, or contracting partners. RM Public View is a cost-effective search and view interface for Content Manager records that is built for extranets and intranets to securely expose live information out of your EDRMS. One client, Hutt City Council, has set RM Public View up to allow users to search on cemeteries, drainage plans, newsletters and their archives direct from Content Manager. It facilitates public access to search information, while allowing Hutt to easily configure and publish new categories of information over time. Check it out at iportal.huttcity.govt.nz

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RM SharePoint Connector

RM SharePoint Connector is a two-way integration between Content Manager and SharePoint, allowing records created in SharePoint to be automatically captured into Content Manager, as well as presenting RM Workspace portlets in SharePoint for access to that information in Content Manager.

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RM Connector

A two-way middleware broker between Content Manager and organisational Business Applications such as SharePoint, Salesforce, MS Dynamics and others. It allows records created in the application to be automatically captured into Content Manager, and also presents a portlet access to that information in Content Manager from the line of business system.

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RM Mobile

Provides access to an organisation’s Content Manager documents from mobile devices. We have collaborated with Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers, such as Citrix and Good for Enterprise to provide this. In addition to mobilizing Content Manager, the solution provides a secure, enterprise file sync and sharing service with flexible storage options that allows IT to mobilize all business data.

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RM Enterprise Search

Linking into Micro Focus ControlPoint, this solution provides a federated search across multiple repositories, including multiple Content Manager datasets, Exchange, network drives and SharePoint. Search and discover information, edit and collaborate around the information in RM Workspace.

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RM Workflow

RM Workflow is a user centric web interface built on top of the Micro Focus Content Manager workflow engine that is zero footprint and cloud ready. Business processes are defined in Content Manager, ensuring information security and audit capture, while RM Workflow delivers ease of access and use for end users.Key to the product is the user experience: users can create, modify and interact with records, locations, workflows and activities from within an easy-to-use web interface, and/or via customisable email notifications.

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RM TechOne Connector

RM TechOne Connector integrates the Technology One product suite with Micro Focus Content Manager to manage records created in Technology One. It also allows users to seamlessly access Content Manager documents from within Technology One.

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Underpin your Office 365 apps with Content Manager as your trusted information source to avoid the risk of information sprawl, the build-up of storage costs and leakage of sensitive information causing reputational damage to your organisation

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