RM Public View

The following is a summary of the RM Public View product and a more in depth description is available on its own dedicated web site at http://www.publicview.com.au/.

Requests for information can cost over $14,000 per request, requiring information workers to sort through an average of 47Gb worth of data. What if you could save both time and money by allowing the public to search and view records in a controlled and secure manner?

RM Public View is a cost-effective search and view interface for Micro Focus Content Manager records that is built for extranets and intranets to securely expose live information out of your EDRMS.

One client, Hutt City Council, has made key council documents available on the web. They have streamlined their legislative requirements, and are servicing up to 40,000 searches per month! RM Public View is a key part of this solution; check it out at iportal.huttcity.govt.nz.

Education clients, University of Queensland and Griffith University, use RM Public View to allow staff who do not have a TRIM licence to search for student records in a fast, inexpensive and controlled manner.

The recently released “Share” feature allows organisations to publish records directly from Content Manager in a controlled manner. Internal users can generate links which can be shared via email or social media for public access. Access to the links can be revoked at any time – and the IP addresses of users accessing the links are stored in a compliant audit log. Statistics are provided by Public View to let you know how many people have accessed the link since creation, so you know which links are receiving the most traffic.

You can even expose GPS location data from Content Manager.

The interface is fully configurable by a trained information manager, allowing for multiple search types and can be inserted into any business application. Search results are displayed in a configurable table, where users can drill down into a detailed view of the record.