RM SharePoint Connector

RM SharePoint Connector is a two-way integration between Micro Focus Content Manager and SharePoint, allowing records created in SharePoint to be automatically captured into Content Manager, as well as presenting RM Workspace portlets in SharePoint for access to that information in Content manager.

This solution provides loose coupling between Content Manager and SharePoint so that it is easy to install, undertake upgrades and make changes to your integration. This provides a cost-effective integration method that is maintainable and sustainable i.e. it reduces the cost and effort of the integration. The integration is also fast to implement through easy-to-install software.

RM SharePoint Connector allows organizations to select specific sites and specific document libraries and lists within SharePoint to synchronize with Content Manager. The product can sync metadata and/or documents, automatically update them to Content Manager.

Using RM SharePoint Connector, RM Workspace portlets, including actions associated with the records displayed in the portlet, can be exposed into SharePoint. Below is what the portlet looks like in an example SharePoint site.