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RM Workspace helps you work better – transforming your records management process from a formality to a valued tool that encourages and facilitates collaboration, innovation and improved compliance. Enjoy enhanced security flexibility, impressive integration ability, world-class accessibility options, intuitive search functions and innovative group spaces, and imagine the possibilities for your workplace.

What's the problem? Too restrictive

less restriction — more control

Think you can’t provide open and flexible access without sacrificing your strong security and records compliance requirements? Think again. RM Workspace provides multiple methods of access for the end user underpinned by Micro Focus Content Manager’s flexible security model to give you the best of both worlds – delivering controlled access that doesn’t shackle productivity or innovation in your workplace. Restrict access to any groups, levels, roles or individuals as you need, allowing you the flexibility to give the end user the freedom to discover what they need to.

This personalised digital workspace platform is ISO15489 and ISO16175 records compliant, making it ideal for government agencies. Don’t build barriers to productivity – protect your information through a system designed with secure access and seamless collaboration in mind.

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What's the problem? Not integrated

less compromise — more connections

Workplaces that communicate effectively work better, and the same goes for the tools that we use in our workplaces. Applications that can’t talk to each other create blockages in communication, restrict the efficiency of records management, and seriously affect user productivity. iCognition’s RM Connector module provides a proven and consistent two-way Content Manager connection between key applications such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and many more to make them ISO16175 records compliant.

This innovative module gives you the freedom to capture, manage and present RM records into line-of-business systems, effectively enhancing the functionality of multiple applications. This sophisticated and seamless integration provides access to records from these business from RM Workspace, even allowing you to view actions associated with the records. Put simply – we make things work together.

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What's the problem? Can't collaborate

less complex — more collaboration

Wouldn’t it be good to get everyone on the same page? RM Workspace lets you achieve just that with easy to operate and compliance-aware functionality that allows the creation of collaboration groups, making sharing and collaborating around information easy. These collaborative spaces provide easy information sharing, advanced drag and drop capability, as well as letting you create portlets for your information.

This improved team-working capacity doesn’t have to come at the expense of security or compliance – information in these collaborative spaces can be easily and legally removed without destroying or corrupting authentic and accurate records. Let your users work more effectively together with RM Workspace’s enhanced collaboration functionality and see how it can transform the way your organisation works together.

What's the problem? Can't find documents

less time looking — more time working

Where'd that document go? Don’t spend time trying to find something you were just working on. With RM Workspace, it’s sitting right there on your homepage when you create or access it. You can keep it found by relating it, tagging it, and dragging that tag to other documents to group them together. Or you can put them in a container, or apply a classification term, or let the system classify it for you…

iCognition understands what it’s like to have documents go missing. That’s why they’ve developed RM Workspace with multiple methods of keeping track of the documents you need to access most frequently. And if you still can’t find it – discover it with RM Workspace’s simple and intuitive enhanced search capability!

What's the problem? Can't find documents

less searching — more finding

Search functions are frequently frustrating and often counter-intuitive. They can even end up taking up more time and energy than a manual document trawl. But RM Workspace’s enhanced functionality lets you easily discover all accessible information through a simple search that quickly and easily expands into an advanced search when needed.

Users can search by title, content, unique ID, format, date, content authors and plenty of other information categories in quick and easy ways. Once you’ve used a search once, it can be easily saved for later use or even made available to those in a collaboration space who are looking for the same or similar information. The enhanced functionality doesn’t stop there: you’ll find searching even more rewarding when you expand your discovery methods to tagging, relating, auto-classifying and folder navigation.

What's the problem? Not accessible

less barriers — more accessibility

RM Workspace works for everyone. We’ve designed the platform to ensure it caters for disability needs, complying to world accessibility standard WCAG 2.0 Level AA. That means vital aspects of the system such as contrast levels, text sizing options, screen time limits, language, navigation mechanisms and error suggestions have been optimised for those with special accessibility requirements. Make sure all present and future staff enjoy the same access across the platform.

What's the problem? Costly implementation

less setup — more productivity

No complicated setup required. No scripting, either. RM Workspace isn’t a system overhaul or major digital surgery. Just install the product on your server, decide if you want the thin client or hybrid, select the features and functions you want to make available, make a few configuration settings, and you’re good to go. Like every other feature of RM Workspace, the setup is quick, easy and painless – and designed to make your working life easier.

This simplicity of setup isn’t just easy for IT personnel – the cost of installation and configuration is significantly lower when compared to similar document management solutions. You don’t need to create short-term headaches to implement a long-term solution, simply set up RM Workspace and get moving!

What's the problem? High training costs

less learning — more doing

User adoption and take-up is the one true measure of an effective enterprise content management system. But introducing a workplace to a new platform can bring productivity to a screeching halt, frustrate users and increase the risk of document management errors. This is why RM Workspace has been developed with a tried and tested User Experience (UX) process that makes sure every element of the system is intuitive, usable and effective.

We haven’t just made RM Workspace easy to use, we’ve also made it easy to integrate into your organisation’s existing practices – saving you time and making the user adoption process as smooth as possible. In addition to the intuitive UX, an eLearning module has been developed to further accelerate the adoption of RM Workspace in your workplace. Users will quickly and easily get up to speed, access what they need, when they need it, and then start innovating to get the job done more efficiently!

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What's the problem? Low staff engagement

less headaches — more handshakes

Few things are more frustrating than installing and implementing a new records management platform into an organisation, just to have the intended users avoid it altogether. With RM Workspace’s user-friendly system, users are empowered to get on with the job. Whether you’re a records managers or an end user, accessing or amending records within records standards is made easier: compliance simply occurs in the background while the user does what they need to do.

The platform can also promote greater innovation and collaboration between users. RM Workspace is much more than a compliance tool – it provides a catalyst for more effective working between multiple users across your organisation.

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What's the problem? Not Compliant

less complaints — more compliance

There’s no getting around compliance with RM Workspace! iCognition’s platform maintains records management compliance as well as giving users greater freedom to move within the system. Compliance occurs seamlessly and transparently in the background using Content Manager’s world-class Content Management system, freeing up your workforce to focus on working more effectively without fear of error.

Not only is records management and compliance a natural by-product of working with RM Workspace, the user-friendly nature of the platform makes it a system that workers want to use, not avoid.

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What's the problem? Too complicated

less of what you don’t need — more of what you do

One size does not fit all! The needs of your workplace are not the same as everyone else’s. If a function doesn’t help your organisation to work more effectively, it doesn’t need to be a part of your RM Workspace experience. RM Workspace is a customisable platform that lets you select what you want your users to see, and what default information and views they need to access to. Users can personalise their views, save their favourite searches, add to favourites and define collaboration groups in easy ways to maximise their productivity.

Make sure your records management system is designed around your workplace, rather than the other way around.

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